About Us

Our core values Unity, Inclusivity, Empowerment, Collaboration & Cultural Diversity.

Association of Indian Muslim Queensland INC (AIMQ INC) operates as a transparent platform dedicated to uniting the Muslim community originating from the Indian subcontinent. It facilitates connections, collaborations, and networking opportunities, fostering familial bonds through social and cultural gatherings. The initiative aims to bridge cultural and religious disparities, promoting cohesion and understanding within the community. By offering a space for interaction and engagement, it endeavours to improve the well-being and integration of its members, enriching their lives through shared experiences and collective support. Serving as a symbol of unity, AIMQ INC empowers individuals to thrive and positively contribute to society at large.

Functioning as a central hub for interaction, AIMQ INC empowers individuals to engage positively with their communities while preserving their cultural and religious heritage. Cultivating an environment conducive to dialogue and collaboration encourages unity and resilience, enabling the Muslim community from the Indian subcontinent to flourish and actively enrich the diverse fabric of Queensland's social landscape.

AIMQ INC Mission

The Association of Indian Muslim Queensland INC (AIMQ INC) mission is to create a vibrant community by establishing networking platforms and organising social events, festive gatherings, and mentoring programs. Our goal is to cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters unity and personal/professional growth.
  • Foster Connections
  • Provide Networking Opportunities
  • Organize Social Events
  • Celebrate Cultural Festivals
  • Youth Mentoring
What we do

Bringing people together for meaningful connections, celebrations, and empowerment.

Community Workshops

Conducted educational workshops, such as Azaan workshop led by a Qari, delving into the intricacies and aadab (etiquettes) of the call to prayer.

Community Educational Programs

Hosted informative sessions, such as a workshop exploring the Sharia aspects of will writing in accordance with Australian laws.

Business Networking Events

Facilitate gatherings to connect professionals and entrepreneurs within our community, fostering collaboration and growth.

Professional Development Workshops

Organise workshops and seminars to enhance our members' skills and knowledge, creating a platform for professional growth.

Community Events

Organized community-building events such as picnics and unique experiences like father and son fishing adventures.

Social Events

Organize family picnics, communal iftar events during Ramadan, and cultural gatherings to promote bonding, unity, and appreciation within the Indian Muslim community.